We will be speaking at Going Global on 17th and 18th of May at the Excel in London. Our keynote will take place at 2pm on both days in Theatre 18. Book tickets to Going Global here.

Thrive Digital are excited to be taking part in Going Global, because it represents a best in class of companies and organisations involved in international trade. It is a wonderful place to meet and connect with other companies.

We will be providing an overview on Why, Where and How companies can achieve international ecommerce success.


Market Size, Growth and Opportunities

There is a massive opportunity for UK companies to engage in cross-border ecommerce. It is estimated that international trade online will be worth £28bn to the UK by 2020.

There are real opportunities in top 5 ecommerce markets, depending on your brand and product/service. These countries are: China, USA, UK, Japan and Germany.  Out of the five, China is growing fastest. The Chinese ecommerce market is predicted to be 4x the size it is now by 2020, and it is already twice the size of its next closest ecommerce competitor (the USA).


Key Markets

The key markets for UK ecommerce exports are the USA, Germany and China. 9% of US shoppers, 15% of German shoppers and 6% of Chinese shoppers are already purchasing from the UK via online avenues. These statistics show the UK to be either the most popular, or second most popular, destination for cross border ecommerce in these countries.


Own site

The key areas to think about on a company’s own site are: language, pricing, trust, preferred payments and site speed.

At Going Global will explore the importance of each of these, as well as providing advice on where to focus to achieve maximum profits.


E-marketplaces are fundamental to success in international markets. We will be looking at the major marketplaces in the US, Germany and China.

See here for more information on the importance of e-marketplace strategy.

Social Media

The US and Germany behave in largely the same way to the UK in terms of social preferences and behaviour. China on the other hand, has a completely different social media landscape. At Going Global will examine this in more detail on the day, as well as helping to direct brands to where they should be focusing their attention.

More information on China’s social media habits and their relevance to ecommerce can be found on the Thrive Digital site.

Book tickets to Going Global here.

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