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Businesses that want to achieve success with their international ecommerce need to take a holistic approach to their digital strategy.

At Thrive Digital we have found that many UK businesses struggle to realise the full potential of their international ecommerce efforts – not because of lack of funding or skills but because they do not have the correct approach.

We believe that a simple, yet comprehensive three-stage process will ensure that your business can achieve consistent and lasting success in international markets.

The three steps are Market, Brand and Website. The Market section is really vital, it is all about market research – it’s about ‘How are we competing? Where are we competing? And how are other people competing?’

This Market research is split into internal and external analysis – the former being an investigation of your positioning asking the questions ‘Are you cheap and competing on price? or are you different?’

Where you sit on the spectrum from cheap to different dictates the ecommerce strategy and approach.

Companies typically discover that their products fit within one area and discover that they may need to create new products and services and change their focus.

The market research stage also looks at inward analysis, such as strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities for international ecommerce. External analysis is about investigating the market place, your target countries and asking questions like: ‘Are they open to trade? Are they open to newcomers? What is the level of competition for your products and services?.

We also look closely at the cultural dimensions in your target countries, as these can be vital to the success or failure of ecommerce. For instance your products may not fit within that culture or you may have to change your messaging if you are to achieve success.

Find out more about how we can help you to understand the needs of your target audiences in international markets.

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