Internet Security Threat Thrive Digital

"Symantec has established one of the most comprehensive sources of Internet threat data in the world through the Symantec Global Intelligence Network, which is made up of more than 63.8 million attack sensors and a records thousands of events per second.

This network monitors threat activity in over 157 countries and territories through a combination of Symantec products and services such as Symantec Deep Sight Intelligence, Symantec Managed Security Services, Norton Consumer products, and other third-party data sources.

In addition, Symantec maintains one of the world's most comprehensive vulnerability databases, currently consisting of more than 74,180 recorded vulnerabilities (spanning more than two decades) from over 23,980 vendors representing over 71,470 products.

Spam, phishing, and malware data is captured through a variety of sources, including the Symantec Probe Network, a system of more than five million decoy accounts, Symantec. cloud, and a number of other Symantec security technologies. Skeptic™, the Symantec. cloud proprietary heuristic technology, is able to detect new and sophisticated targeted threats before they reach customers’ networks. Over nine billion email messages are processed each month and more than 1.8 billion web requests filtered each day across 13 data centers. Symantec also gathers phishing information through an extensive anti-fraud community of enterprises, security vendors, and more than 52 million consumers and 175 million endpoints.

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