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Businesses that are prepared to respond to feedback from market research will be more likely to succeed in international ecommerce.

At Thrive Digital, we have a simple but comprehensive three-step approach to helping UK businesses succeed in online retail to overseas markets. The first step, is in gaining expert market research to discover any cultural values or considerations that you may have to take onboard before launching your ecommerce platforms.

Emil Stickland, Thrive Digital’s CEO, explained: “Following on from market research, it is often the case that your products and services may need to be altered to fit the needs of customers in international markets. We call this ‘Brand Editing’ but this stage of the process can also be described as localising your offering for your target markets.

“This may involve minor changes in design or product name or may require the need for new messaging to help to align your offering with the cultural or behavioural needs of your target markets.”

Emil explained that McDonalds had to ‘edit’ one of their iconic brand lines in order to achieve success in the Far East.

He explained: “In the US and Europe McDonald’s chicken nuggets contain light meat, in Asia they contain dark meat. They are both chicken nuggets, but they appeal uniquely to the market tastes of individual countries.

“It was vital that McDonald’s understood this cultural dynamic and were prepared to make the changes to their product to make it fit the needs and values of their overseas customers.”

Emil added: “Often it is only minor changes that are required to succeed in international ecommerce and we help guide you through this process.”

For more information on localisation, click here to contact our international ecommerce experts.

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