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"International ecommerce is here to stay, and several UK retailers, both pureplay and multichannel are successfully winning outside their home market.

Previous studies by OC&C and Google, have shown the UK to be the largest net exporter, with international retail outpacing domestic retail by 4x and expected to be worth £28bn by 2020.

Much of this success to date has come from UK retailers ‘skimming’ a large number of markets through international shipping and payment solutions.

Success in the future will require them to move from this ‘go broad’ strategy to one that enables them to ‘go deep’ and be locally relevant in some of the world’s largest and fastest growing ecommerce markets. The USA, China and Germany, in particular, represent key opportunities for UK retailers to access via ecommerce.

The study examines today’s winners; the barriers that, once removed, would accelerate cross-border shopping; and what it takes to win in three large markets, each of which has some highly unique characteristics."

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